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Our company Smart Power specializes in innovative sporting equipment. Through the latest technologies, we develop products that improve the performances of athletes. Constantly in contact with players, we consider each equipment and tackle each problem to provide more effective solutions after study. Following three years of research and development, and numerous laboratory and field tests, we present these exclusive studs, every single part of which has been designed for efficiency.


Our emblem and inspiration for the shape of our studs is one of the largest marine fishes. Far from being a mere eater of smaller fishes, it is an elegant animal that always needs to keep moving in order to stay alive. Constantly challenged, it adapts its swimming power and trajectory to take its preys by surprise and leaves nothing to chance. This is what we see in our players: formidable champions on the field, always in motion, on the lookout for a creative solution to excel and win.


Find out more about those who live the everyday Smart Power adventure, a united and dynamic team that makes you experience your sport differently.

Stéphane Raymond

Managing director

Mechanical engineering training
Experience in research units and regional directorates
Regional managerfor Michelin group
19 years of rally as a pilot
Heterogeneous sportsman, passionate about the spirit of sport: self-surpassing, combativeness, rigor.

Bertrand Healy

France director

12 years at Decathlon (Department manager, Store manager, International advertising manager, West Paris Regional manager).
Darty : 8 years: Regional manager Paris, Group Concept Merchandising Director
Go sport Group: 7 years, GO SPORT France network Director, Head of the Real Estate division of the Group (GO SPORT+ Courir).
BGH Conseil: Founder-manager for 3,5 years.
More than 26 years of experience in specialized retail
Passions: Soccer, Sailing, Running, skiing.

Jean Christophe Moynet

National & International Sales agent

St Bede’s Rugby Academyd, New Zealan
Sports study program Rugby & Management At University Of Glamorgan, Wales
Fitness business development in France & business introducer; Rugby agent for Gaetan Mermoz

Benoit Sauvage

Export manager

Engineering graduate of Arts et Métiers (French engineering institute)
Export manager of SPIT Group
Former rugby player